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Effective real-time management depends on the right data to gauge compliance and clear procedures to react when you see variations. The existence of a clearly defined process to handle adherence issues is not something you’d want to leave to your workforce management team; it’s the responsibility of your operations team and will help you to ground your future forecasting and staffing decisions based on data, not assumptions and optimism.

Real-time management is a great way to reduce operational costs by reducing necessity to buy additional agents. It can also increase customer’s satisfaction by ensuring they don’t have to wait long for support. Burnout among support agents can be reduced by addressing problems immediately. This will also save time later on when they are complaining about their experience.

It is crucial to assign an individual who is responsible for monitoring the management tool in real-time throughout the day. This can be a person who is committed to this job or a team member who rotates the role or a job that is included in the job description. It is important that it gets done and becomes an integral part of the daily routine.

It’s crucial to ensure that everyone is on board with the new approach and make sure that they understand the benefits it can bring to them. It’s a good idea ask for employee feedback as it will give you an idea of how your employees are adjusting to the change. This will give you an opportunity to address any concerns.